Hi! LatvianModder here! So, FTBUtilities badges, huh?

What are badges?

Badges are little square icons on your chest, like a police badge. They also glow in dark. So that's pretty cool, I'd say.


What do I have to do to get a badge?

If You want a global badge, and you create:

Request Badge Server Whitelist: IGN:

What do you do?:

URL to your channel/website/curseforge page:

Once you are whitelisted, in any Minecraft 1.12, you log on badgeserver.latmod.com server, and /set <url>. You can /set none to remove your badge or /view to open badge information page (Example).

Check back in 1 to 24 hours after request, I might not add you instantly. Or might not add you at all, if I decide that something isn't right, you will never know :v

Any rules?

Badge changes are monitored, and breaking any of last 2 rules may result in a ban from badge server.

Help! My badge doesn't work!

Badges will only work if you have FTBUtilities mod installed.

They also may be cached for better performance, or the requests are being processed, so it might take up to day for it to update.

How popular do I have to be to get a badge?

All you have to to do earn your badge is be a creator of anything mentioned above, doesn't matter how many downloads your project has.

That being said, you shouldn't create a new project JUST to get a badge.

Badges can be given to people in special occasions.